Thursday, September 06, 2007

Color Exchange

Here is what I received from Karen for the August Color Exchange. It came all wrapped up in the green tissue paper underneath it. I love the stuff and as you can see in the background so does Charlie one of my cats. I couldn't get her to stay away and when I was trying to get pictures she kept laying in the middle of the stuff. Now what is there is some threads, a toothbrush holder that it just so happens I do need, a towel and aida cloth, a clipboard, a pin cushion with scissors and a frog sponge thingy, sorry don't know what it is called, I guess a body scrubber would be a good name,LOL. Also a card with a cat on it. Siamese cats happen to be my favorite kind of cat. I love it. I hope my partner loves her stuff as much as I do.