Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Its been awhile

I realized that i hadn't updated in awhile. It has been a little strange and I do have a couple of things to share but I am not going to share them all at once, LOL. Well for one Melissa is coming for a visit for 2 weeks tomorrow. I am excited. I haven't seen her in a while. Gretchen had been here for the summer and that was nice but now I get to see D2. It is still so hot here during the day. Also someone sent the frog to me and I had Day 7 almost finished when I discovered I had to frog most of it. Talk about being a little pissed off. I will get that one finished soon. I also have a bunch of stuff to get in the mail and can't seem to get to the post office. Every time I try something happens. Tim is still over in Iraq and won't be home for awhile. We are going to spend Christmas at my mom's this year and I wish that Timothy could be there but he can't. It seems that we all want to get toasted and do karaoke and everyone knows that they are in for a treat where I am concerned. I can't carry a tune in a basket so it is a good thing we are going to have a few drinks, LOL. Well that is all for now I will share more pretty quick I will try and keep up more. Love you guys!!