Sunday, October 19, 2008

More News

Well today I found out that my son and his wife are also expecting. I guess next year it is going to be a busy one. His wife Faith is about 7 weeks he tells me. The last few days have been exciting. Now I have to work on 2 baby quilts. I sure hope I can fit some stitching in between all of this. I guess there will be 2 birth samplers to do as well. I guess I should be finding patterns instead of playing on here, LOL. I will keep you posted as to all of this fun!! Hope everyone is well and thanks for visiting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


There has been lots of stuff going on and had to put my stitching aside for a bit. I think things are settled down a bit and am gonna get back to stitching.
I do have to start a quilt though. A baby quilt. My daughter is pregnant! I am going to be a grandma. It seems a little weird to say but I am excited. She is just about a month. I have been looking at baby quilt patterns and birth samplers. If anyone has any cute quilt or birth sampler patterns let me know. I am looking for the perfect one.
Melissa is having such a hard time with morning sickness. And of all things she is craving mashed potatoes, lol. I guess I should send her some. She doesn't care what kind just that they are mashed. I am so excited.