Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What a day

Well it has been a bit since I have been here. It has been crazy.
My boyfriend is out of town and will be back tomorrow night. I have had four days of "aloneness" if that is even a word, LOL.It has been one thing after another. For example, on Saturday my boyfriend had to go out of town on business so we get up at like 5:30 am so he can get ready and be at the airport ahead of time like you are supposed to. I get him there and come home, turn on the tv and think, wow I can watch craft shows all day and not feel guilty! 15 minutes before his flight is scheduled to take off the phone rings and he tells me I have to go get him he isn't going. I am like what?! Why not?? Well this dumb a** in security broke part of his CPAP machine and he needs this to breathe at night or he could stop breathing and die. I go get him at the airport and luckily he has a spare part here at home, how that happened well who knows but thank god he did. So then we spend the next 3 1/2 hours trying to rebook his flight so he can get to his business meeting. Well imagine the fact that 2 airlines merged and their computers are not connected to each other so they can't "talk" toe ach other. Well we go back to the airport and get the flight handled and he tales me to IHOP for brunch (that was a good thing,LOL). He finally got out of here and got to where he needed to be. And then Monday came. Well it was a sucky day but hey I managed untill I decided to check plane tickets for my daughter to come visit. I had planned on getting the ticket when I got paid but thought let me just check some flights out. Well everytime I checked on a flight the lowest fair changed and it went from $283 to $370 to $407 to $463 well imagine my panic when that was happeneing and I could find a fair for the prices I had found the few days before. I was having a hard time coming up with the $283!!! Well I persisted and managed to find one again for the original price i had found, well I had to get it now before I lost it again, that is for sure. So I purchased it hoping my pay would be here Tuesday. Thank God it was so that was handled but I was sweating it. Then today I get a call from one of the companies I write my business through and apparently one on my new client might be trying to commit fraud, basically file a false claim. They bought a policy on the 7th and on the 10th someone allegedly hit them and ran while their vehicle was unattended but they didn't file a police report. BIG RED FLAGS here. Then I get a call from a bank and have to go inspect 2 cars that they repoed from a mutual client. I think i am not gonna get out of bed tomorrow. If this week gets any better I will run away from home. I am just kidding there but I think I have had enough.
I hope you all have had a better week then me. Thank goodness it is hump day and I have apparently made it "over the hump" so it is all down hill from here!! Thanks for listening guys, love ya all!