Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whats Going On

I am sitting here in a holiday express bored as hell. Don and I may be stranded. One heck of a snow storm is headed this way so we left for the airport a day early just in case. Well let me tell you, I would rather be stranded where I was at than in a hotel. I know crazy but true! Just got done visiting family and would rather still be close to them. Getting so tired of being so far away from everyone. I got to see both my daughters and my grand daughter. She is such a sweetie. She has gotten so big.
About a week ago I got to see my grandson. My son got online and I got to see him via web cam. I really have to get a web cam. I had one but tried to hook it up and it is not compatible with the system. Apparently it is a bit to old, LOL. I will get one as soon as I get some extra money.
Well back to possibly being stranded. The stranded thing isn't what is so bad. I am just not ready to go back to El Paso. I wish I wasn't but I have to get back to work.
I got just a bit more done on the monopoly board done so that is also a plus. It is taking me way longer than I thought but I am so busy all the time I don't ever seem to have time to do any of that stuff anymore. I may only get a little done but it is something. That is what counts at least I think so. I am thinking of doing a couple of small quick things to maybe get my juice flowing again and maybe get the motivation back.
It hasn't started snowing yet but it is supposed to soon. I keep looking out the window and I think I am starting to drive Don crazy, lol. I don't care though. Sometimes I miss the snow and I like to watch it. The other night when we went to eat it started snowing silver dollar size flakes. I think the other people thought I was nuts when I got up and was watching the snow all excited. Oh well, living in the desert I think makes you enjoy some of the stuff a little more. We hardly ever get snow.
Well I guess that is all for now. It is getting a bit late and I need to wind down before I head off to sleep. Thanks for stopping by. Love you guys.