Friday, December 11, 2009


Well things have been a little strange lately so I have been slacking off on everything but at my office. I know that I shouldn't but we all know how things go. There are so many different aspects of our lives that sometimes they just don't fit together like we think they should and lately I have felt like I am a couple of pieces short of a jigsaw puzzle.
I was lucky enough to be able to visit my family over Thanksgiving. I got to see my mom, brothers, and both daughters and one of their boyfriends and my grand daughter. We went out for Thanksgiving dinner, well my two daughters, mom, daughters fiance, grand daughter and my bf. I think we were the entertainment for the dining hall. It was a blast, the waitress wanted to take the afternoon off and sit with us, lol. We just had fun and not one argument so that was just way cool.
We got home to TX and well what happened one hell of a snowstorm. People here don't know about driving in snow so it is always a joy but then what else can you do for entertainment around here.
Well it is almost Christmas and it just doesn't feel like it. I can't put up a tree in my office because even though I have been moved in for a month it is just not finished yet. I am still waiting for a four socket plug to be put in. So basically I don't have enough plugs to plug anything into so that is so much fun. I am just hoping the new year is better. At least I have my Christmas shopping done except for one thing. Don't ask me how I managed to be done because I don't think I can give you an answer. I just don't know.
It is 60 degrees today and almost Christmas and I am working from home this afternoon. Well don't tell anyone that at this minute I am doing this and not work stuff.
I joined Curves about 6 to 8 weeks ago because my Dr told me I needed to do something other than cross stitch for my stress level. Well I will say it does work and I lost weight and inches. I have another weigh and measure day coming up hopefully I am still on track but if not I will work a bit harder for next time. I guess we will see what happens.
In case I don't get on here before Christmas let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you have a great one. I had better sign off for now and finish up one or two things so I can call it a day and Thanks for stopping by. I love you all and will be back soon!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Its Fall

Well it has been quite awhile since I have been able to update this. Every time I get ready to well it is just one thing after another. Well finally here I am and just doing it.
I have had a strange couple of months but I guess I was due, lol. The worst was this past month and it was a month for sure. The first of October my landlord at my office came in and said...We are expanding our xray capabilities and I need my office space back by November 1st. I was like OMG WOW. So I had 30 days to find a new office well let me tell you that was no easy task trying to get this handled and I finally found one. WOOHOO! You would think. My office was supposed to be ready 4 pm Friday well guess what it still isn't done but at 7 pm last night I was able to get my furniture in but most of my stuff is in an empty office across the hall because my office isn't finished. It would take me 12 pages here to put down everything that happened and about one paragraph would be good stuff.
Also I go to the dr for a physical and I have to change a bunch of stuff in my life. I don't get call backs from drs about test results. I got one and of course it freaked me out but nothing that can't be easily handled but still. I have to change my diet, lower my stress level, like that is gonna happen after this last month and trying to move, lol. And my vitamin d level is less than half of what it should be so I have to take medicine for that and he isn't sure when I can get off that. If I don't get my cholesterol down I will have to try medicine for that as well. And the most stressful time of the year is coming THE HOLIDAYS!!! Oh well. And to boot I got a really bad cold that looks like it is turning into bronchitis. It keeps getting better and better, lol. On the other hand most of this is easily handled.
I am trying to make time to stitch haven't been able to in awhile and I am tired of not being able to so I am trying to rearrange things so I can. I also have to go to the gym drs orders but I have joined Curves and I love it but haven't been able to go for the last 3 or 4 days and find I do miss it alot. I never would have thought that would happen, lol. It is fun and I didn't think it would be but the dr told me I needed to join a gym mostly for stress relief and it does help plus it does already make me feel better. I am headed back there this week.
I am also headed back East for Thanksgiving! I am excited of course I am always excited to see my family and I have invited my son, daughter-in-law and grandson for Christmas here. I hope they can come.
Well I had better sign off for now. Gotta get some more stuff done and see if they got the electric sockets in at my new office. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will check back in soon. I miss you guys when I don't update so hopefully will be able to do more again. Love you all!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quite Awhile

Well it seems I haven't been able to keep up with this lately. Not on purpose that is for sure. I have had alot going on. I haven't gotten much stitching done lately either. Need for the motivation to kick in. That would be really nice. Trying to run my insurance business and sell Tupperware and keep in contact with everyone I need to and I just seem to get further behind. It is frustrating. I can't seem to sell insurance or Tupperware even with my newsletter going out and a contest going on. I thought that if I was giving away free Tupperware it would help. Right now I am doing a drawing. With each purchase I put your name in a drawing for free Tupperware and then if you purchase the deal going on you get an extra entry. HMMM I guess I need to rethink it. Well it will be over on the 25th anyway so we will see what happens by then.
Andrea is 9 pounds now but still on the monitor at least for the next month. Hopefully she will be off the next appt in September. I hope so. She is such a cutie. Aiden is growing so fast too. He is in 9 month clothes already but then he was a really big baby like his dad was so I am not really surprised by that. He is such a cute one too but then I could be a bit biased LOL.
It is supposed to storm tonight here but I don't think it is going to do to much. I wish it would because we do need it. Tim and Faith and Aiden are almost moved. Tim will be there by Tuesday so that will be nice. He and his family will be a bit closer maybe that means I will get to see him and Faith and Aiden. That will be nice. I haven't seen him in about 3 years give or take. I guess I will just have to see what happens.
Next month I am going to San Francisco. WooHoo!! I have never been there and am excited that I will get to go. Don has a business meeting and wants me to go. It will be a nice trip short but nice. Well I had better close for now. Need to eat some dinner. Thanks for stopping by and love you guys!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just the Usual Stuff

Well this week has been interesting here in El Paso. Lots of crazy stuff going on. We have a well known restaurant here, people all over the world know it and have eaten there. It is called Chico's Tacos. Well a group of guys went in to eat and well they were all gay. Two of them shared a quick kiss (depending on who you talk to) and all hell broke loose. The security guard told them to leave and then the cops were called and apparently were not totally knowledgeable in city ordinances and so on and so on. It seems that in El Paso that you can not refuse service to someone based on sexual orientation, race etc. The passed this about 6 years ago I think I read. Well then there was a large demonstration outside the restaurant because the guys got kicked out. The security guard told them they do not allow that gay stuff in here and all that. Jeez. I am so disgusted about every one's behavior in this situation. No one wants to hear anyone else's side, no one wants to give in and no one seems to want to be tolerable of the other side. OK people lets get real. I think first off what you do in the confines of your home is your business but when you take it and do it in public then it is every ones business. I am surprised about the whole freaking out bit though. You see guys and girls kissing making it look like they are trying to see who can swallow whose tongue and nothing is said. That I find offensive. It seems that that is OK. Oh well I am sure all this will pass at some point but it seems lawsuits are going to be filed and all that stuff. People have already gone to see lawyers and all that. Oh well. Also this week it has been 100 degrees and over and will be for the next week as well. Summer is here.
I am going to visit family in about 10 days. I am supposed to be able to see my grand daughter, Andrea. She is getting so big. She is 6 and 1/2 pounds now. Yay!! I do wish that I could see my grand son Aiden. I would like to see my son and his wife. They are supposed to be going to another duty station a bit closer to me so maybe once they get settled. We will see how all that works out.
I am also hoping to go see the new Transformer movie this week. I so want to see it. I really liked the first one and am told is as good. We will see. Well not much else going on right now. I am going to have to go and work for awhile at the other house, do the minor stuff like cover nail holes and such. Gotta put some of the globes back up. Had to put a couple of them through the dishwasher. They were pretty dirty. Unfortunately the renters in Don's house weren't exactly the best. Got the tile done and now have to do the carpet in the bedrooms. Then hopefully the cat pee smell will be totally done. We do have to pull the old carpet up and seal the concrete underneath. That is gonna be so fun. I will be so glad when it is finally done and we can get it rented. OK well I better go take care of a couple of things here while I have a few minutes. Hope you all are well and thanks for stopping by. Love you guys! Will be back soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching Up

Well it has been a bit since I last posted. It has been crazy. Aiden finally arrived on June 14th. He was a big one. 9 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. My kids went from one extreme to the next. LOL. Don't have any pictures to show yet but will try and get some. I have been so busy with so many things and none of them stitching which is disappointing to me because I have been trying to stitch. Yesterday had to help carry tile, grout and thinset and take switch plates and electrical outlet plates down. Vacuum and clean, clean, clean. We have to get a rental house ready for new renters and the old renters were bad. We have to replace carpet because their cats totally ruined carpet by peeing on it and not cleaning up after them. The house just reeks. How could they not smell it. So we are replacing carpet in the bedrooms and then tiling the rest of the house. It took 4 coats of paint in one bedroom and three in one of the others to cover the colors they had painted, that by the way they weren't suppose to do. Lime green was one bedroom and blue in another. They didn't really clean up very well either. Just for the stove it has taken 2 cans of oven cleaner and we have to go get one more because it is still horrible. One knob won't even come off the stove. We are not sure what to do about that one. I am going insane with all this. Oh well, I think today we are going over to do more. Not how I wanted to spend my weekend but what can you do?
Ok enough of that. Both Andrea and Aiden are doing quite well so I am happy about that. It is a nice rainy day here today but sitting here looking out the window as I post it is clearing up but looks like another storm is coming which is nice at least as far as I am concerned. We get so little rain that I do enjoy it for the most part when it come although most people here have a hard time driving in the rain. Lots of accidents and such. So I will stay home today I hope unless Don remembers we have more to do today of the minor stuff to prepare for the guy to come do the tiling. Well I think I will go take a shower and relax for a bit. I will post more soon. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your continued reading. Love you guys!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have a couple of more photos. The one on the left is me, Melissa, Gretchen and Andrea. The one one the right is mommy and baby. Hopefully soon little Aiden will be here. He is being a bit stubborn. There isn't much going on just the usual. Work and more work. I had a meeting this morning and then had to go grocery shopping. Both of those seemed to take all day. I am thinking about watching a movie but not sure what I want to watch and I do have a rather large choice, LOL. On sci fi tonight is some bug movie but it is your typical sci fi movie. I am half ass watching it which is why I am looking for something else because it just isn't keeping my interest. It is only 8 here but it feels like it is so much later than that. I guess because I am so bored. I should try and stitch but I just don't feel motivated to and I haven't really felt motivated to do that lately anyway. Oh well. The weather has been decent here not like central TX with all the severe storms and such. I wish we would get a thunder storm but that isn't likely for a while yet. Soon it will be our monsoon season and then I probably won't want to see the storms.This darn cat keeps trying to walk on my keyboard. Jeez I don't think I need her help but I guess she thinks I do. Well I guess I had better sign off for now. I will update again soon and maybe next time I will have another grand baby to talk about too. Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just Updating

No new pictures this time. I should but will do that next time. Still waiting for Aiden to get here. He seems to be a bit stubborn like his daddy was, lol. The last few days have been a bit taxing. I got just a teeny bit of stitching done and cut some more fabric for quilts. I am alone for the next 5 days so maybe I will get some stuff done. I did get some stuff done today though. I cleaned the kitchen. I even managed to clean the garbage can in the kitchen. I hate that job but it never seems to get done. I even took a nap this afternoon for a bit but had a "bad" dream that actually woke me up. Haven't had that happen in a while. Andrea went home today! YAY! She has a apnea monitor but thats cool that is pretty normal with a preemie. I am so glad Aiden is not a preemie. I am not sure I could handle two of those. I am anxious for him to get here.
I was watching a movie earlier and after watching half of it it started skipping and freezing so now I have to send it back to netflix and get a replacement so I can see the rest. LOL So glad that doesn't happen to often but when it does they are great. Monday a replacement will ship out and this one will go back and it only takes a day to get the movies. It seems we have a shipping facility here in El Paso so I get my movies super quick. Gotta love that. I put in Krull but will probably turn it off halfway through because I will be ready for bed soon. It has been a long day but I probably said that already. I discovered twitter not too long ago. I never really paid attention to it and then a couple of friends both sent me invites to it so I checked it out and what is so funny is that I am the one that follows some people, updates at least once a day and reads what the people I follow have to say. To me that is so funny because I am the one that was resisting it. Oh well. I guess I better go finish my laundry. Thanks for stopping by. I will update again soon and maybe I will have more baby news. Love you guys and I do appreciate the several of you that are here on a regular basis. You make me feel so blessed and loved.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its the end of May

Well here it is the end of May. Melissa's baby is 30 days and still in the hospital. They are saying she should be coming home soon. She is 3 pounds 10 1/2 ounces. YAY!! She is doing good. We are still waiting for Timothy and Faith's littleone to arrive. Am excited and can't wait for him to get here. This last month as you can imagine has been nuts. I finished the quilt for Andrea and I will post a picture when I get it uploaded. I am working on the one for Aiden and hopefully will get that one done soon. For some reason I had so much trouble getting this one done. It wouldn't go together correctly and had to stitch it and take it apart several times. I think I was trying to hard to get it done. It is finished and it is so cute. We got back here to El Paso and missed all the rain. I was a little disappointed because we don't get to see to much and I enjoy it when it comes. We did go out to pick a few groceries up the other night and we had a heck of a thunderstorm. It lasted awhile and the lightning was very pretty. I kept thinking please don't turn to hail, I don't want to deal with the claims that come along with that, lol. It was a short week at work since we got back Wednesday night and back in the office on Thursday. That I must say was nice but I had grandchildren on the mind, Andrea and soon Aiden will be here. Other than that not much is going on I am still trying to recover from vacation, except I don't get vacations because I have to forward my phones and work. Thank god for laptops! So still trying to recover from my working vacation. I am gonna try and stitch a bit tonight. Hopefully will get that in since I cleaned a bunch this afternoon and tried to organize my Tupperware. Wishing I could get some orders. I had two parties scheduled the last month and both cancelled. I can't seem to get any parties booked either and when I do they cancel. I had a third party that was a catalog party and the poor girl her family didn't even order anything from her so that was a major bust. She decided to cancel the order she had for herself. Oh well. Hope you are all well and I will be back soon, hopefully with more pics for you. Thanks for stopping by.Love you guys.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I am a grandma

Well Melissa had her little one. EARLY. Little Andrea Elizabeth was born on May 1st and was just 2 pounds 4 oz and 36 cm long. We had a few problems but here she is and she is breathing on her own they actually took her off oxygen fairly quickly. Poor Andrea got was a month behind in utero and she was 2 months premature on top of that but she is doing pretty good. Mama is doing pretty good too. We are glad she is here and doing well now we are just waiting for my son Tim and his wife Faith to have their little one. I am looking forward to Aiden Timothy joining us pretty soon too. I will let you know when that happens too. Thanks for stopping by and we will talk to you soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey Guys

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I was trying to do better but I have had alot going on. One of these days I will be organized, lol.

Well at the moment I am in Santa Fe, NM. I am working but on vacation, fun, fun. It hasn't been too bad. I have a couple of pictures to post and then there will be more later, I hope. I will say today I am not feeling to well but hopefully that will pass. It is nice here. Good weather, peace and quiet. It has clouded up a bit a couple of days but no rain.

Melissa has to go next Tuesday for an ultrasound. Her uterus is measuring small and so they need to check it out. She also told me last night what she didn't tell me when she told me about the ultrasound that the baby's heart is still in the normal range but it has slowed. I am trying not to worry but I am still worrying. Melissa is petite so that could be part of the problem but we will know more on Tuesday after her appointment. The pictures I am posting today are of the San Miguel Church here. I am told it is the oldest church in the US. It was built in 1610 I believe. I forgot to take a picture of the sign. That would be me, lol. The church is really great. The one behind glass is a grave marker. We even got to see the original stairs to the alter and such but couldn't get a picture but you wouldn't have been able to see it anyway. It was under glass on the floor behind the rail at the alter and we had to lean to see it it. Well the pics didn't post where I wanted them to so they are at top as you can see. Oh well. I will post more when I have more. I am trying to relax a bit this week. We have had some pretty good food as well. Maybe that is why I don't feel well today, my body isn't used to the good food, LOL. Well I will talk to you again soon. Love you guys.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Project

Well I am beginning a new project. I have done a couple of small really quick things but this one is a big one for me anyway. I finally got all the stuff together to do it, YAY!! I am starting the Monopoly Board. With the millions of skeins of floss I actually had to pick a couple more up. LOL I am excited and I have a fan club to keep me going. A couple of friends at another friends office are going crazy for me to get it going and getting it done. They can't believe that there is actually a pattern for something like that. I get such a kick out of Liz and Claudia. I am going to do it on 14 count aida instead of 18 because I can't seem to find 18 in the size I need so it will be a bit bigger than if I did have the right material but that's ok I don't mind about that besides if I special order it I may not ever get it started. I will definitely post pictures as I get it going cuz this is a big one and I am excited about it. I am also getting serious about the baby quilts. I have been going and going over the material and stuff so I just need to get the courage and not worry that they might not be good enough or come out good enough and get them done. I am gonna be a grandma soon, YAY!! My son is going to Afghanistan in August so that really sucks. Plus he will have a 2 month old when he leaves. That is defiantly upsetting but that is just part of ARMY life which I do know well I have been dealing with it for almost 30 years in one way or another but when it is your child it is different for sure. Well I have a couple of things I need to get done. I guess I can't keep putting them off so I will go get them done. Thanks for stopping by and I will keep you guys updated.

Monday, March 02, 2009


It is the beginning of a new month. I am ready for this month. I am planning on getting some good stitching done. Lately I have been battling migraines. I am not sure why I am having so many lately other than maybe stress but I am so I am hoping that the stitching will relax me and help me keep them away. I am so far behind on everything and one day I might actually get caught up. Of course I do have a poster in my office that says--God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things and right now I am so far behind I will never die. That is what it feels like but hey I love my job! LOL I am looking at a couple of things to stitch and haven't picked one yet so I may just start more than 1. I do love to start its the finishing I have the trouble with, lol. We are having some great sales with Tupperware, one of the ones that they haven't done before is buy $25.00 in Tupperware and get $16.00 in gifts and another one is buy $125.00 and get 2 gifts and $25.00 in free Tupperware of your choice. They have not done that before. Its great. You can check some of this stuff out if you want at or you can email me or message me here. I am excited about the great stuff going on. Well I had better sign off for now I have to do some paperwork for the office and I have been putting off since I got home. Thanks for stopping by and hope you all are well. I will let you know what I have started stitching as soon as I do.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well as you can see I got this finished. When I just sat down to do it I got it done. It was a quick stitch. Now I should go get a cup of coffee, lol. I have a couple of things I am looking at to do next. Not sure which I am gonna do. I have so much to do and so little time as all of us stitchers. I have more stuff than lifetime as I am reminded of so often. I do have some non stitching stuff to get on with as well so I guess we will see what gets done and what doesn't.
I can't believe the weekend is about over already. I am just recovering from the work week and it is time to go back. Well at least on Monday evening there is The Closer and on Tuesday evening there is Leverage with Christian Kane and Timothy Hutton. That will brighten up the week except for the fact that it is the season finale so I will have to wait for reruns and then next season. He is supposed to be coming out with an album sometime this spring so that is cool too.
I have been studying for my life and health license which it the ultimate in boredom but it will help. I will then add health and life insurance to my agency it will be a bit more rounded than just P & C stuff. Maybe then I can really get it rolling so to say and get it together. I am thinking I may get back to college. I have so much trouble with math and I kind of let it stop me but I am ready to get back into it.
Well I had better sign off for now. I have to finish folding my laundry. Oh the fun, lol. Well thanks for stopping by and I will update more in a bit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid week

Well here it is Wednesday and I am so glad that it is hump day cuz that means the weekend is almost here and I can stitch some more. I have been so busy at work that I haven't been able to get much done. I have even been bringing some work home with me. The stuff I bring home is mostly the crap stuff, paying office bills checking on stuff and such but it has to get done. I am thinking about my next project though. I am always thinking about the next one. I am trying to get organized and I am not doing a very good job of it. I get started and then find "something new" and get side tracked. LOL. I have stuff all over and I hate to say it but it is starting to get to me. So I know it must be bad. I am slowly getting it taken care of but it isn't an easy job for me. Well I guess I had better go get something to eat. I am a bit hungry. I hope all are well and thanks for stopping by. I will update soon.

Monday, February 09, 2009


I haven't had much time to stitch as usual it seems lately. I am about 3/4 of the way through my current project. I have been sneaking in stitching time waiting for someone at lunchtime. I get bits done. Lately on the weekends I am so tired I can't get much done which really sucks but hey what can you do?! I am picking fabrics for the baby quilts since I now know that my son and his wife are having a boy and my daughter is having a girl. I have been instructed by my daughter that she only wants a little pink in it not mostly pink. So I have to find feminine colors and only a little pink and then masculine colors. My son has not given instructions but then he wouldn't. Now I have lots to keep me busy plus I also found some patterns for baby clothes, sleeper stuff and like that so I will be looking at that stuff to do too. I should be done with my latest project soon and when I get it done I will post some pictures. Hope you all are well and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I have been a little slow at updating again. I am about a fourth of the way through my next project and it so suits me so I am told, lol. Basically it says Back away from the coffee and no one gets hurt. lol. I have been carrying it with me everywhere and every time I get a minute or two to work on it something comes up. Such is life, lol. It has been really chilly here at night and in the morning and then by the time I come home it is in the mid 70's. I almost feel bad because the rest of my family is so cold. They are getting snow and really nasty weather.
I don't usually watch the news but last night it came on and it wasn't even the channel I usually watch if I watch the news and was I grossed out. Someone allegedly found a mouse in their Chinese food at a buffet where I like to eat. They of course showed video and stuff and ewww it was nasty. I will not be going back there. I also read on the website of the news station that this restaurant continually gets failing grades with the health department. I am disappointed and I am way too grossed out to even think about going back. Now if it is proven a hoax or whatever I may consider going back but for sure not right now. I hate to see this stuff on tv and it is sick. If it isn't true I don't understand why people do stuff like that and I do know that people do that. It is so uncool. If it is true that is just as bad, how can you make a dish and not see something like that in it. Do they really pay that little attention to what they are doing? That just sucks all the way around. Now the health department did do a unannounced inspection today and they closed the restaurant until they fixed the problems and it has been closed all day but on the news the inspector for the health department said it was just temperature issues and hand washing issues and like that but if that is true then why is it still closed tonight? Oh well I guess I will have to watch the news again tomorrow and see what is up next.
Other than that it is pretty much the same here as usual. Hope you all are doing well and thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Hug

I found a charm I thought would fit this. I like this one a little better the the metal one. I am going to try and make this into a door knob hanger. I think that this is perfect for something like that. I think that it did turn out pretty good. I have another small Lizzie Kate chart that I am going to start. It should be another quick stitch like this one was.
I am sort of getting my stitching stuff a bit organized. I am finding the stuff I need a bit quicker than before, LOL. Now if I could only get the rest organized even a little.
I promised to get this posted and I did so I am gonna sign off for now but I will be back soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lots going on

I have another finish. It is a Lizzie Kate chart. A Hug Will Do. I just have to put the charm on it. I don't like the one I have here so I am going to get a different one. I was going to go today and get it but then decided that I was going to just hang at home. I will go tomorrow and then put it on and take a picture. Yesterday I just sat down and stitched all afternoon and finished it. It isn't a big one but I love the colors and it was fun. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but am thinking that I may back it lightly stuff it add a ribbon and make it into a door hanger.
I found out last week that my son and his wife are having a boy. Yay!! I am excited and on the 6th of February we will hopefully find out what my daughter is having. I am so excited.
I talked to my mom yesterday and it has been so cold there. Her pipes froze, my brothers pipes froze and on his they couldn't find where and so he had no water for like 3 days and he called my mom yesterday morning and said I found out where the pipe was frozen, the water meter burst this morning. I tried to call her earlier but didn't get an answer so I am not sure how that all worked out yet. I will try again later and see. I hope it is all ok now.
I feel so good about finishing that project yesterday. I had been having a hard time getting motivated for some reason. I read in a blog that I follow about dying fabric. I think I want to try doing that.
Today I worked half a day. I didn't really want to go in but I had someone that was supposed to come in this morning. Of course they didn't show and it was so dead in my office I just said hell I am going home. My phone did not ring one time from 9 am to noon when I left. I got some stuff caught up but still talk about boring LOL. I bet it will be crazy tomorrow.
Today I got 2 telemarketing calls on my cell phone. I hate that. I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number. I let them leave a voicemail and then I will return the call. I do that because I hate telemarketing calls as much as the next one and usually strange area codes are just that. Sure enough that is what they were. I googled the numbers and it was no surprise that that is what they were.
It has been cold here. Not as cold as back east where all my family is but cold for here. In the mid 20's at night. When I go out and get the paper in the morning I have to wear my coat. A lot of the mornings lately too there is frost on the cars enough so that if I was leaving then I would have to scrape the window. I live in the desert. Oh well that's life I guess.
Well I will sign off for now. I have a Tupperware conference call with my "unit" in a while so I think I am going to get comfortable. I am really excited this month because I love the modular mates and they are on sale up to 50% off and some really great sets. I am going to put an order in for myself. I have been transforming so to say my pantry and it is so nice to be able to find what I want in there. If any of you want anything just let me know. Send me a message and I will get you info. With all the new stuff and updated colors and stuff they are bringing back I am just excited.
Well I am off to get comfy. Thanks for taking some time out and reading what I have to say I appreciate it lots. Love you guys!

Monday, January 12, 2009


YES!!! I finally have some finishes. I got them all done this weekend. I just have to finish off the bookmark and frame the Love you. I will hopefully get that stuff done quicker than I got them done, lol. I am starting another project so I hope to get some real progress done. I am trying to stitch a bit everyday even if it is just 5 mins. Lets see if I can keep it up, lol. Well this was just a quick stop cuz I wanted to get this posted. I hope you are all well and I will be back soon.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Weekend

Thank goodness it is Friday. This has been a week. I have some stuff to do this weekend, you know the usual stuff that you don't get to get done during the week or even avoid till the weekend. I am going to finish the project I am working on. I really want to get it done. I have been trying and trying to get to it but I have so much to do.
I did talk to my mom yesterday and it is unbelievable the difference when I talk to her. She is doing alot better and sounds great. Maybe now I can relax and maybe get it done. I have my stitching sitting out where I can just grab it quick and even do a little at a time. I know this is short but I didn't want to wait too long before I put anything else down. I hope you all are well and have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

It is the New Year. I don't make resolutions because I can never keep them. I try but hey. I almost have my first finish for the new year. It will be nice to get something done. I don't know how some of you all get so much stitching done. I can never seem to get things going.
It was very cold here today. Winter is here. I also had federal jury duty. Oh fun and since I didn't get pick for a court case today I am still on call, for the rest of the month. With federal jury duty you don't just go one day and your done, if you don't get picked you have it for 30 days. They told us today that we would have to go back atleast once more. I had to be there at 7:30 this morning and it was in the low 30's. It has been awhile since I had to be out in cold like that here atleast. We had it last month when we were back east but here it isn't the usual. We had a winter weather advisory all morning today and it looks like we might get another one. I did take my stitching with me but couldn't really get anything done on it. For such a small project I can't seem to get it done, lol but I will! Well I have a Tupperware meeting in just a bit so I have to sign off for now. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all are well. Talk to you soon.