Friday, February 29, 2008

UFO Projects

Well I got one of my unfinished projects done yesterday. I started this back in 1995. I don't know why I didn't finish it back then but it is done now. I always liked this and believe that it is true. This one says Lord, Help me to remember that nothing can happen today that you and I can't handle.
I have another one I found that I am not sure why I didn't finish either but am going to be working on too. I am sure there are allot more too but haven't come across them yet. I am not really a "serial starter" but I do have some I should finish. And I will.
I know some of you are going to hate me for this but it has been in the 70's the last couple of days. It has been so nice and making everyone not want to be at work. Now watch it will be yucky this weekend. I hope not but I hope the weather gets better for you all back east. You have been getting some really bad weather again and it is just about spring.
Timothy is back and doing good. It is so nice to have him back here. I hope that I will be able to see him soon but I know for awhile he will be really busy getting back to work and readjusting to being back here. I feel better that he is back and will feel even better when his wife gets back as well since she is still over there somewhere. Well I have a few more things to do before I can go home so I should probably do them and maybe I can sneak out early. Thanks for stopping by, I love you guys.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 12 Finish and IMPORTANT NEWS

First off, Welcome Home Timothy!!!! They landed this morning at Hunter and it will be about 2 hours from now that they will be at Ft. Stewert for their Welcome Home Ceremony. Thankfully they are home safe and sound. I am so excited and wish that I could be there. Unfortunately it hasnot worked out that way but the ladies at Ft. Stewert have been fantastic at letting me know what is up.
Ok, now secondly. I finished Day 12. The series is finished and looks great now all I have to do is decide for sure what to do with it and how to display it. This last day went so fast I could not believe it. It looks great too! Well for now I have to go I am too hyped up to put all I want to down but wanted to at the least get this uploeaded for all to see. Thanks for stopping by and I will post again soon. I love you guys!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


For those of you who know me you know that I live in a large city of about 750,000 people and we will be getting aproximately 30,000 more over the next few years but that isn't the insane part. Nor is it that this is the second post in as many days. I have just gotten done with my lunch and I already vented in my blog on myspace but am still extremely irritated by the fact that right up the street from me is a high school, which is normal enough. What isn't atleast to me is that this high school needs to have crossing guards for the students to cross the street at lunch time and that they also have to have the traffic control devices stop traffic in all directions for atleast 1 cycle of the lights because they have not yet grasp the concept of the walk and don't walk lights. Now we as children learn how to cross the street or atleast we are supposed to. I do not understand how these kids can be so (for lack of a better word) stupid. Just today while going to get my lunch did I again as just about every day had to deal with these students who did not look in any direction except in front of them which had they opened their eyes would have seen that the don't walk hand which by the way was steady not blinking was there. What did they do you ask, well stepped right off the curb in front of me. Now since i deal with this on a daily basis I knew to stop even though I had a green light because they do this every single day. And just a half a block away you have crossing guards that have to blow a whistle and hold up a stop sign in the middle of the street so that these same students can cross the street because they apparently did not learn this skill while they were children. Now this is a daily happening and nothing is done about the fact that these kids jaywalk, step in front of cars while in and out of the crosswalk. It doesn't appear to matter to them when or how they do this and rarely do you see the police do anything about this. I also know that sometimes that the police feel that there is something more important than this however is it going to take someone getting hit by a car before they feel it is important? The can issue tickets to these kids and maybe if they or their parents had to pay one or two of these maybe they would stop and think, however I doubt it. Now I am also not so old that I do not remember being their age and feeling invincible and yes mom I do remember doing this once or twice in my life. It is just insane to me that they need crossing guards in high school to cross the street. Ok I think I feel a little better, lol. Thanks for reading you guys and I love ya.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Finished Day 11

I finished the Eleven Pipers Piping. For some reason this one seemed to go slow for me. Not sure why but it is done. I think it turned out rather nicely. I am on to day 12. i got it started actually yesterday but found I am missing one color, lol. I will go get that today on my way home from work. I checked when I started and was sure I either had or purchased all the colors for the 12 days. Don't know how I missed this one but oh well. Michaels has floss on sale this week for 4 for $1.00. I will go there and get it hopefully they will have the color or I will have to go to Hobby Lobby. this last Saturday they had the floss on sale for the same price, 4 for $1.00 but don't know if they still do. I have such a list of what I want to do whenI get done with these and don't know what I am going to do next. I am thinking that I may start the one my daughter in law gave me this idea for. She just did one that I thought was adorable and actually so did my son. It is by Pinn and it is 3 kittens, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. However being a cross stitcher that doesn't mean that is the one I will do and being a cross stitcher I have a list so much longer than I have time to do. My mother and I were even talking about that yesterday on the phone. Saying that someone will be going through my stuff for years afterward going yup she sure had a lot of stuff she was going to do and of course never got to. I guess I am a true cross stitcher and crafter, LOL. Well it is time for lunch and I have a couple of things I want to do before Irun out and get it so I will go for now. I will let you know when I get day 12 finsihed. love you guys.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 10 Finish and more

As you can see I got Day 10 finished. 10 Lords a Leaping. It seemed to go pretty quick. I am working on Day 11. I have already had to frog a bunch in it though. Needless to say I wasn't to happy. I think I must have been kind of tired when I was stitching and thats why. I will be done with the 12 Days soon though. I have been carrying a small project in my purse for when I have sit around a wait. It is an Irish Blessing. It is just a small 5 x 7 project that fits nicely in my purse. I also have in my to do pile one that my DIL did. She told me about it and I mentioned it to my son and he said it was quite cute too so I checked it out at it is See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Kittens. It is adorable and I plan on putting that one in my purse for my waiting around stuff as soon as I finish the irish Blessing one. I am trying to get all my I really want to do stuff done. We will see how that goes. And now for the yucky stuff that has been going on. Last Monday evening I was at Walmart. I got in my car to leave and a lady backed into me and took off. I could not believe that she did that. Well it just so happened that the Walmart security guy, you know the one that drives around in the parking lot, was at the end of the row that I was in. I went down to where he was and told him that person ran into me and took off. Well off he goes after her. She comes driving back to where I was about 30mph through the parking lot. No wonder she hit someone. I don't know if she saw the security guy chasing her down or what but she gets out of her suburban and comes up to me and says "my son said I hit you! Did I hit you, I didn't see you" its like really??? Well thankfully it was today that my car went inot the shop and the insurance company was great about it but what surprised me was this was a Major's wife and he was in the car when she did this. I didn't sownload the photos from that. It wasn't too bad really but still. It really is a small dent about the size of a softball and of course all you could see on her vehicle because those things are tanks, was some red paint from my Amigo. The reason I know they are tanks is because I used to have one. It was a good vehicle but didn't need anything that big anymore. My oldest daughter found out last night she is allergic to cocoanut. She was drinking a virgin pina colada and had an allergic reaction and the only thing it could be is the cocanut becuase she has had the other stuff that was in it before. Poor thing. She can't seem to win. She had to go to the ER but she is ok. They gave her some medicine and she is okay now thank goodness. The poor thing has way to many food allergies. Well I have to go for now. Thanks for stopping by to read my stuff. I love you guys.