Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well we had to have Fuzzball shaved. Now she is a rather large cat. She used to weigh in at 25 pounds but it seems that she has lost a bit she is only 20 pounds now. We have to have her put out to shave her. If she sees scissors or clippers or anything that she even thinks might be anything like them she freaks.
I found a new vet to do it. We were not at all happy with the old vet. We didn't like they way they were with her and whenever we got her back it usually took about 2 days for her to get close to normal. Well this vet that one of my customers recommended was the best. When we picked her up she was alert, happy just fantastic and this is where the problem lies, Not for us but for the other too cats. Sammie and Charlie. Now Sammie is a rescue cat and we found out is a Norwegian Forest Cat and Charlie is a Bengal. Both of these varieties have strong personalities and tend to barely tolerate other kitties. Well Fuzzball doesn't do much anymore and got so she would just run from the other two. She would hiss and throw a fit but would go to one or two places around the main floor. NOT ANY MORE!!! It is fantastic, Fuzzball was born in this house 13 years ago and she has decided to take it back and let me tell you the other two are not happy. I however am loving every bit of it. The first night home I took her upstairs and put her on my bed well guess what! That is her place now and she makes the other two leave or go to another part of the bed and then in the middle of the night she gets up and lays at my chest where Charlie used to sleep. We have a war going on in the bedroom with the two female cats. It is hilarious except of course when I am trying to sleep. So now at time I am fighting for a spot on the bed between the cats and Don. God help me, lol. I love my kitties but now that Fuzzy feels better she is giving everyone hell and taking control of the house.
Well today was spring ahead and I forgot to turn the clocks forward last night but got it done this morning but it kind of messed me up. At least I got most stuff done today that I had planned and I cooked a pretty good dinner tonight as well. It was a pretty good day.
Well I got to go for now but thanks for stopping by. I love you guys.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Well after being stranded for a couple of days we got home. I hope to not see any beige walls for awhile. The end of the trip was just unbelievable. When we were finally getting ready to get on our plane well that didn't work either. There was a problem with one of the engines on the plane and well to get to the point they put a bunch of us on a bus and bussed us to Philadelphia. It was a 2 hour ride. Alot of us were not happy. We had to go through security all over again and the whole works. It was just, well we have called it the trip from hell. I had such a good time seeing my family but the traveling part left just a bit to be desired and then to get stranded well enough said on that. We did come home to nasty weather too. On the up side I got caught up on all the stuff that I needed to from being gone. It was really quick. That is nice for sure.
I am now planning my next trip. Hopefully it will go smoother plus it isn't going to be in February and during winter, lol. Of course I probably shouldn't say anything because it will probably snow in the summer because I have said that, lol. Oh well anyway. I just wanted to check in and let you know we did make it home, finally and several days late but here. Now if the weekend could just get her a little faster. Thanks for stopping by and I love you guys. I will post more in a few days.