Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching Up

Well it has been a bit since I last posted. It has been crazy. Aiden finally arrived on June 14th. He was a big one. 9 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. My kids went from one extreme to the next. LOL. Don't have any pictures to show yet but will try and get some. I have been so busy with so many things and none of them stitching which is disappointing to me because I have been trying to stitch. Yesterday had to help carry tile, grout and thinset and take switch plates and electrical outlet plates down. Vacuum and clean, clean, clean. We have to get a rental house ready for new renters and the old renters were bad. We have to replace carpet because their cats totally ruined carpet by peeing on it and not cleaning up after them. The house just reeks. How could they not smell it. So we are replacing carpet in the bedrooms and then tiling the rest of the house. It took 4 coats of paint in one bedroom and three in one of the others to cover the colors they had painted, that by the way they weren't suppose to do. Lime green was one bedroom and blue in another. They didn't really clean up very well either. Just for the stove it has taken 2 cans of oven cleaner and we have to go get one more because it is still horrible. One knob won't even come off the stove. We are not sure what to do about that one. I am going insane with all this. Oh well, I think today we are going over to do more. Not how I wanted to spend my weekend but what can you do?
Ok enough of that. Both Andrea and Aiden are doing quite well so I am happy about that. It is a nice rainy day here today but sitting here looking out the window as I post it is clearing up but looks like another storm is coming which is nice at least as far as I am concerned. We get so little rain that I do enjoy it for the most part when it come although most people here have a hard time driving in the rain. Lots of accidents and such. So I will stay home today I hope unless Don remembers we have more to do today of the minor stuff to prepare for the guy to come do the tiling. Well I think I will go take a shower and relax for a bit. I will post more soon. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your continued reading. Love you guys!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have a couple of more photos. The one on the left is me, Melissa, Gretchen and Andrea. The one one the right is mommy and baby. Hopefully soon little Aiden will be here. He is being a bit stubborn. There isn't much going on just the usual. Work and more work. I had a meeting this morning and then had to go grocery shopping. Both of those seemed to take all day. I am thinking about watching a movie but not sure what I want to watch and I do have a rather large choice, LOL. On sci fi tonight is some bug movie but it is your typical sci fi movie. I am half ass watching it which is why I am looking for something else because it just isn't keeping my interest. It is only 8 here but it feels like it is so much later than that. I guess because I am so bored. I should try and stitch but I just don't feel motivated to and I haven't really felt motivated to do that lately anyway. Oh well. The weather has been decent here not like central TX with all the severe storms and such. I wish we would get a thunder storm but that isn't likely for a while yet. Soon it will be our monsoon season and then I probably won't want to see the storms.This darn cat keeps trying to walk on my keyboard. Jeez I don't think I need her help but I guess she thinks I do. Well I guess I had better sign off for now. I will update again soon and maybe next time I will have another grand baby to talk about too. Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just Updating

No new pictures this time. I should but will do that next time. Still waiting for Aiden to get here. He seems to be a bit stubborn like his daddy was, lol. The last few days have been a bit taxing. I got just a teeny bit of stitching done and cut some more fabric for quilts. I am alone for the next 5 days so maybe I will get some stuff done. I did get some stuff done today though. I cleaned the kitchen. I even managed to clean the garbage can in the kitchen. I hate that job but it never seems to get done. I even took a nap this afternoon for a bit but had a "bad" dream that actually woke me up. Haven't had that happen in a while. Andrea went home today! YAY! She has a apnea monitor but thats cool that is pretty normal with a preemie. I am so glad Aiden is not a preemie. I am not sure I could handle two of those. I am anxious for him to get here.
I was watching a movie earlier and after watching half of it it started skipping and freezing so now I have to send it back to netflix and get a replacement so I can see the rest. LOL So glad that doesn't happen to often but when it does they are great. Monday a replacement will ship out and this one will go back and it only takes a day to get the movies. It seems we have a shipping facility here in El Paso so I get my movies super quick. Gotta love that. I put in Krull but will probably turn it off halfway through because I will be ready for bed soon. It has been a long day but I probably said that already. I discovered twitter not too long ago. I never really paid attention to it and then a couple of friends both sent me invites to it so I checked it out and what is so funny is that I am the one that follows some people, updates at least once a day and reads what the people I follow have to say. To me that is so funny because I am the one that was resisting it. Oh well. I guess I better go finish my laundry. Thanks for stopping by. I will update again soon and maybe I will have more baby news. Love you guys and I do appreciate the several of you that are here on a regular basis. You make me feel so blessed and loved.