Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its the end of May

Well here it is the end of May. Melissa's baby is 30 days and still in the hospital. They are saying she should be coming home soon. She is 3 pounds 10 1/2 ounces. YAY!! She is doing good. We are still waiting for Timothy and Faith's littleone to arrive. Am excited and can't wait for him to get here. This last month as you can imagine has been nuts. I finished the quilt for Andrea and I will post a picture when I get it uploaded. I am working on the one for Aiden and hopefully will get that one done soon. For some reason I had so much trouble getting this one done. It wouldn't go together correctly and had to stitch it and take it apart several times. I think I was trying to hard to get it done. It is finished and it is so cute. We got back here to El Paso and missed all the rain. I was a little disappointed because we don't get to see to much and I enjoy it when it comes. We did go out to pick a few groceries up the other night and we had a heck of a thunderstorm. It lasted awhile and the lightning was very pretty. I kept thinking please don't turn to hail, I don't want to deal with the claims that come along with that, lol. It was a short week at work since we got back Wednesday night and back in the office on Thursday. That I must say was nice but I had grandchildren on the mind, Andrea and soon Aiden will be here. Other than that not much is going on I am still trying to recover from vacation, except I don't get vacations because I have to forward my phones and work. Thank god for laptops! So still trying to recover from my working vacation. I am gonna try and stitch a bit tonight. Hopefully will get that in since I cleaned a bunch this afternoon and tried to organize my Tupperware. Wishing I could get some orders. I had two parties scheduled the last month and both cancelled. I can't seem to get any parties booked either and when I do they cancel. I had a third party that was a catalog party and the poor girl her family didn't even order anything from her so that was a major bust. She decided to cancel the order she had for herself. Oh well. Hope you are all well and I will be back soon, hopefully with more pics for you. Thanks for stopping by.Love you guys.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I am a grandma

Well Melissa had her little one. EARLY. Little Andrea Elizabeth was born on May 1st and was just 2 pounds 4 oz and 36 cm long. We had a few problems but here she is and she is breathing on her own they actually took her off oxygen fairly quickly. Poor Andrea got was a month behind in utero and she was 2 months premature on top of that but she is doing pretty good. Mama is doing pretty good too. We are glad she is here and doing well now we are just waiting for my son Tim and his wife Faith to have their little one. I am looking forward to Aiden Timothy joining us pretty soon too. I will let you know when that happens too. Thanks for stopping by and we will talk to you soon.