Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just the Usual Stuff

Well this week has been interesting here in El Paso. Lots of crazy stuff going on. We have a well known restaurant here, people all over the world know it and have eaten there. It is called Chico's Tacos. Well a group of guys went in to eat and well they were all gay. Two of them shared a quick kiss (depending on who you talk to) and all hell broke loose. The security guard told them to leave and then the cops were called and apparently were not totally knowledgeable in city ordinances and so on and so on. It seems that in El Paso that you can not refuse service to someone based on sexual orientation, race etc. The passed this about 6 years ago I think I read. Well then there was a large demonstration outside the restaurant because the guys got kicked out. The security guard told them they do not allow that gay stuff in here and all that. Jeez. I am so disgusted about every one's behavior in this situation. No one wants to hear anyone else's side, no one wants to give in and no one seems to want to be tolerable of the other side. OK people lets get real. I think first off what you do in the confines of your home is your business but when you take it and do it in public then it is every ones business. I am surprised about the whole freaking out bit though. You see guys and girls kissing making it look like they are trying to see who can swallow whose tongue and nothing is said. That I find offensive. It seems that that is OK. Oh well I am sure all this will pass at some point but it seems lawsuits are going to be filed and all that stuff. People have already gone to see lawyers and all that. Oh well. Also this week it has been 100 degrees and over and will be for the next week as well. Summer is here.
I am going to visit family in about 10 days. I am supposed to be able to see my grand daughter, Andrea. She is getting so big. She is 6 and 1/2 pounds now. Yay!! I do wish that I could see my grand son Aiden. I would like to see my son and his wife. They are supposed to be going to another duty station a bit closer to me so maybe once they get settled. We will see how all that works out.
I am also hoping to go see the new Transformer movie this week. I so want to see it. I really liked the first one and am told is as good. We will see. Well not much else going on right now. I am going to have to go and work for awhile at the other house, do the minor stuff like cover nail holes and such. Gotta put some of the globes back up. Had to put a couple of them through the dishwasher. They were pretty dirty. Unfortunately the renters in Don's house weren't exactly the best. Got the tile done and now have to do the carpet in the bedrooms. Then hopefully the cat pee smell will be totally done. We do have to pull the old carpet up and seal the concrete underneath. That is gonna be so fun. I will be so glad when it is finally done and we can get it rented. OK well I better go take care of a couple of things here while I have a few minutes. Hope you all are well and thanks for stopping by. Love you guys! Will be back soon.