Friday, August 11, 2006


I am takeing some time to update everyone on what has been going on. First my daughter Melissa is coming to visit on Monday. I am so excited. Also,the last week have been very rough. The main insurance company I wrote insurance through has gone "belly up" and I have to rewrite over 100 policies into other companies before the 23 of this month. Today I was so abusy I didn't even get lunch and had to stop and get something on the way home. Needless to say I was extremely hungry. After I ordered my food at Micky D's I saw that they had cool kid meal toys, Hummer cars for the boys, should have ordered a boy kid meal, lol. I have been so busy that I haven't even been able to cross stich much at all. I am doing a frog picture and I don't even have one leg done. I am in withdrawl, lol. I will even be working tomorrow which is Saturday, I rarely do that. I save my evenings and weekends for my family. However because of what is going on I have to work. I even stay late. Maybe I can get my daughter to help out. I know she will be so bored that she may not want to, lol. Well atleast next August if all goes well I will have a good month. I will keep you all updated and let you know how it goes and if I ever get done rewriting all of the policies. I know I will, I just feel like I am running in place. Well, I brought some work home with me so I need to get started on it. I will write more later. Love you guys!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a couple of weeks

Just got back a few days ago from the trip from hell. The beginning was nothing but problems, vehicle stuff and like that. The middle was good got to see my mom and brothers. Didn't get to see my kids or my sister but hope to soon!! The end was just total hell. Got stuck in the Allentown airport, left 4 hours late from there, got stuck in the Cleveland airport then to boot, got stuck in Houston . It took 2 days to fly home. What a trip. But now on to the good stuff. My son called me this weekend, he is getting married! Was I blown away by that. I am so looking forward to meeting my soon to be daughter in law. Hope it happens soon but I guess over Labor Day he is going to see his dad in WV. Hope I get to see them both soon. I am excited. I don't know what to say even now about it. I can hear in his voice that he is happy. I will post more on this as I get the details.