Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ok, so I have been very bad about keeping this up. I do apologize to the people that pop in to read it. I couldn't seem to stay motivated to keep up with it or much else it seems. This is one thing that I have always enjoyed doing. I don't really know who actually reads it. LOL
I have finally picked my stitching up again. I keep trying but couldn't seem to stay motivated with it. Well this is a new year and I am going to get off my ass and get it going again. I have missed it alot. Hopefully this time I am back on board.
It is extremely slow at work and I am frustrated and wondering if I am going to make it. It is so discouraging and there are some that really don't understand the hows and whys of things that have been going on. Unfortunately I don't know how to explain. Maybe I will get that figured out. We will see I guess.
I didn't really make any new year resolutions because I know if I do they will end up broken but I am striving to get better at keeping this up and getting my stitching done. We will see I guess. Thanks for stopping by and I will be back soon. Love you guys!