Saturday, November 06, 2010

Been Awhile

Okay I know it has been awhile and I am sorry. I could give so many excuses but I should just get right down to it. Not much exciting has been going on. Because of the economy business in all areas is extremely slow. Insurance, Tupperware and all. It really sucks. Got some of my stitching stuff back out. Time to get down to it again. I miss it. I am gonna be crocheting some ponytail holders, just gotta locate my crochet hooks. I am trying to get stuff organized and I am not having much luck. Oh well.
Well my daughters fiance had a close call this past week. He had a really bad diabetic episode and was in the critical care unit at the hospital. Thank goodness he is ok but it was pretty scary. See how much is going on and I have just so much to say, LOL. Well one good thing is we finally had the floors done. Got rid of the carpet that was hideous. Well not really but I just didn't like it. We had wood floors put in. It has changed the whole look of the place and I really like walking on them in my bear feet, lol. It does feel good. I know I have said this before but I am really gonna try and do better at keeping up with this. I am gonna close for now. Thanks for stopping by. Love you guys.