Friday, December 11, 2009


Well things have been a little strange lately so I have been slacking off on everything but at my office. I know that I shouldn't but we all know how things go. There are so many different aspects of our lives that sometimes they just don't fit together like we think they should and lately I have felt like I am a couple of pieces short of a jigsaw puzzle.
I was lucky enough to be able to visit my family over Thanksgiving. I got to see my mom, brothers, and both daughters and one of their boyfriends and my grand daughter. We went out for Thanksgiving dinner, well my two daughters, mom, daughters fiance, grand daughter and my bf. I think we were the entertainment for the dining hall. It was a blast, the waitress wanted to take the afternoon off and sit with us, lol. We just had fun and not one argument so that was just way cool.
We got home to TX and well what happened one hell of a snowstorm. People here don't know about driving in snow so it is always a joy but then what else can you do for entertainment around here.
Well it is almost Christmas and it just doesn't feel like it. I can't put up a tree in my office because even though I have been moved in for a month it is just not finished yet. I am still waiting for a four socket plug to be put in. So basically I don't have enough plugs to plug anything into so that is so much fun. I am just hoping the new year is better. At least I have my Christmas shopping done except for one thing. Don't ask me how I managed to be done because I don't think I can give you an answer. I just don't know.
It is 60 degrees today and almost Christmas and I am working from home this afternoon. Well don't tell anyone that at this minute I am doing this and not work stuff.
I joined Curves about 6 to 8 weeks ago because my Dr told me I needed to do something other than cross stitch for my stress level. Well I will say it does work and I lost weight and inches. I have another weigh and measure day coming up hopefully I am still on track but if not I will work a bit harder for next time. I guess we will see what happens.
In case I don't get on here before Christmas let me wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you have a great one. I had better sign off for now and finish up one or two things so I can call it a day and Thanks for stopping by. I love you all and will be back soon!