Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weekend

Thank God for the weekend. There has been so much going on between my fiancee's son and work and everything. One day last week I lost a whole day of work because of my fiancee's son being in trouble again. That man has a black cloud just hanging over his head. I would think that he would realize at some point that what he does affects not just his life but his father's and mine as well. It makes me crazy.
My daughter got a new car. Her Saab had just too many problems and so she had to get something else. It is an Infinity G20 a 1996 I think. I can't wait to see the pictures she is supposed to take for me. I am excited for her.
My son just got back from the field, he was out there for several weeks and he called yesterday and he sounded so tired. I remember those days. I would be home and his father would be out in the field. I really hated that. I do sometimes miss the military life though, crazy as it sounds. I don't miss moving every couple of years though. Well I guess I should go for now. It is time for bed I have to go to work tomorrow so i better get some sleep. Hope you all had a good weekend and I will be back soon.