Friday, July 11, 2008


Well I leave on Tuesday morning for 2 weeks. My daughter is finally having her surgery. I have been going crazy at work trying to get caught up so I don't leave too much that I have to worry about. I will say though that this trip I will be doing a bunch of stuff outside of my comfort zone. I will have to drive from PA to Hagerstown, MD and then later in the trip I will have to go to Baltimore and then to WV then back to PA. The Baltimore to WV to PA is going to be all in the same day so this is going to be interesting. I will have my daughter with me for the Baltimore to WV part but WV back to PA will be by myself. Thank god for my tomtom, lol. (only slightly giggling) I am not sure how I am feeling about this. I have no sense of direction which is shy BF got me the tomtom. This will be an adventure for sure. I get back on the 30th of July and then m;y birthday is on Saturday. I didn't realize that it is on the weekend this year so maybe I will get to do something for a change. We will see. I know the couple of days after I get back will be busy for sure and I will probably be glad for the weekend. I bet that there will be lots for me to do. Hopefully I will be able to catch up on a bit of stitching too. I am hoping!! I left a few things up there so maybe I will get one of those worked on. I will be taking atleast one project from here to work on on the plane. Don and I are leaving on the same day to go but not at the same time or plane so I will get there first and have to wait for a bit for him. We had a heck of a time with the tickets this time because I will be there for 2 weeks and he will be there for 1 and we could get to going trip coordinated unfortunately. Gotta go eat so I will update more when I get back or if I think of something else in the next couple of days I will add something. Thanks for reading and love you guys.