Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keeping Up

Ok, so this has been a year so far. My mom was pretty sick but doing better now, I got married and so much more. I have not been keeping up and am frustrated. I broke out my stitching and decided to start on something small to see if I can get my stitching mojo back. I have been working on some Celtic sympols. I have donethem before but want to make some more coasters. They go quick and are pretty so I am thinking they will help.
I also got married in May to my long term boyfriend. We have been together for a long time. He finally decided that maybe getting married would be a good thing, LOL. It was crazy. Only one of my daughters was able to come. I had wanted all 3 of my children there but it just wasn't something that could happen. It was nice though.I am trying to get it together and do all of the things I want to like keep this up and stitch and just get it all together. We will see how things go I guess and hopefully I will be better. Now off to see about some dinner. I just wanted to catch up a bit while I was thinking of it or I know it wouldn't have happened again. Love you guys talk to you soon.

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