Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Stuff

Well I have been doing alot of crocheting lately. I have a bunch of finished projects. I feel like I am getting alot accomplished. I am also the co president of crochet group here. I am having a great time lately with all this. I have also found a couple of cross stitch projects that I have started and not finished which I am planning on working on as well. I have been teaching myself some new stitches in the crochet area and made a scarf from the crocodile stitch. It turned out great. I will post some pictures later. I feel like I have a renewed interest in all of this. The crafting, the blogging and all. I hope it keeps up because at least right now I am totally psyched with all of it. So lets see what happens. I am going to update this more often because I will have stuff to update it with, woohoo! So lets get going!
Thanks for stopping by, love you guys!

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