Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have been lazy....

I have been lazy about this lately. Sorry guys.
I got my bookmark done and sent out. It was fun to do.
It is only Tuesday and feels like it has been a long week already. It is so slow at work that if it gets any slower I feel like I will be going backwards.
This has definatly been a stressful week. I am looking forward to going back east and seeing my family. Although it is not really going to be a vacation but I really don't mind that fact.
Atleast the last day or two it hasn't been so hot. We are suppose to get some thunder storms. YES!!! I know most of you are thinking I am crazy when I say that but we don't get much rain or storms and it is so enjoyable to go sit out on the back porch and just watch. I am sure my mom remembers my being a little girl and not so little girl and being terrified when storms came but after I lived in OK for a couple of years that cured me.
Well I will close for now because there isn't anything that exciting going on right now so maybe I will go watch a movie. Yes Gretchen maybe Lake Placid again!!
Talk to you all later.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Usual

It doesn't seem that anything interesting is going on. It has been so hot in the 100's for about the last week. Thank God for air conditioning.

I am stitching everynight lately. Right now the main focus I am stitching is the bookmark for the exchange I am in. It is blackwork but in green. Hopefully I will remember to take a picture of it when I am done and will post it. I have another bookmark I am making for myself as well since I am suddenly doing alot of reading. I am even trying to read a little bit everynight. My kids keep giving me idea on reading so I am trying, I haven't always liked to read but am finding that I am liking it more now that I am getting older, lol. I think my mom will appreciate that and my older brother too. I used to destroy his books when I was little. I guess they took attention away from me!

I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am. Talk to you all soon!

Friday, June 16, 2006


It has been over 100 degrees this whole last week. Yesterday it was 105. It has been too hot to do anything except lay around.
I have been stitcheing a little. I have 3 WIP. I am on the border of the Kokopelli I am working on and I have joined a bookmark exchange so have just barely started that. I have started a sampler but am not sure I like it so don't know what I am gonna do with it or about it.
I am about halfway through the third Harry Potter book and my son said that I should read the book The Da Vinci Code because it is better than the movie. I am gonna read it. In July I will be going back east for a visit! Am so ready for that trip.
Have gotten all my paperwork at the office caught up, finally, LOL so am finding otheer stuff to keep me busy. It is very slow at the office right now. Summertime so people on vacations and stuff so not to much insurance being bought. Oh well.
Hope everyone is well and will write more soon.
Keep cool everyone!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well, today I had a very pleasent surprise. When I checked my email I had a package. It was from my friend, Dawn. She got my name in a magnet exchange and she knew the perfect thing to stitch. Eeyore. She made me 2 eeyore magnets. I love them, couldn't have been more perfect. Thanks, so much.
Also, Melissa HAPPY 18 th BIRTHDAY !!!!! Love You!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6, 2006

This past weekend on Saturday we went to the cat show here. That was a new one for me, I had never been to one before. I was surprised to see how many different versions of Charlie there are. It was kind of neat.
Now the girls, Gretchen and Melissa, have me reading the Harry Potter books. I see what you mean about giving information not in the movies. I finished the first one and now have read the first 4 chapters of the second. You two have me hooked!
I am stitching a Kokopelli and am thinking about trying to do another quilt hopefully this one won't be a disaster.
Until the next time- love you

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Newbie at this

June 3, 2006

I gained an interest in this from several people and have thought that i would like to combine two fo my favorite things. Cross stitching and keeping in touch with my family and friends. I am hoping that this will be a way to make it easier. I hope that you my family and friends will enjoy this as much as I hope to. I am not sure how this is going to work but I want to try and see. I love and miss all you guys and am looking forward to this.