Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gosh where has January gone? It seems to have just flown by. Not much has been going on around here. The weather has been cold for around here. I am looking forward to the spring time. Hopefully business will pick up.
I made some chocolate chip cookies today. Probably shouldn't have because I really don't need to be eating them but it was chilly today so I figured it would be a nice way to heat up the kitchen. I will make sure I get to the gym this week, lol. Well going to the gym is really working for me. I am losing inches. I am continually surprised. I am not sure why since I go and I do work hard when I am there. I do feel better too and more energy when I go too. I do realize that the days I don't feel like going are the days I really need to get there too. I haven't lost lots of weight just a few pounds but that doesn't really bother me because I see the results in the other things like losing the inches. I have lost 7 inches total in all parts of my body the biggest amount at my abdomen. WOOHOO!
I have also recently started to get rid of the clothes that as much as I would like to keep I know I most likely will never fit into again and am starting to part with them. Oh well. At least they give me a write off on my taxes, lol. Plus I would rather donate so they go where someone will appreciate them and use them. Around here if you sell in a garage sale it seems that people buy them to sell elsewhere and just make money but they try to "screw" you over to get them. I hate that kind of stuff. So I donate.
Well the weekend is about over and it is back to work tomorrow. I am so looking to take a little vacation. Any holidays coming up? LOL
Well not much else going on around here so I will sign off for now but I will be back soon. Thanks for stopping by. Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Just a little to say

Well I thought maybe I should try and update a little more. I do try but I just can't seem to keep up but hey that's just life right now. One thing though, I am a member of She Speaks which is "group" for lack of a better name. Maybe panel would be better and I am testing a Oral B Professional Care 1000 toothbrush. It is a rechargeable one and OMG I love this thing. I know I don't usually talk about this stuff but I am loving this toothbrush. I am also trying the Sensodyne foaming toothpaste and between these two things I am just impressed. I have used other toothbrushes that use batteries and were rechargeable but this one really does clean your teeth and sometimes I get a little excited lol and push to hard with the brush and this thing pauses when that happens so you know you are doing that. It is just so neat. I am just loving it. I think even my dentist will be happy LOL. Ok enough on that you all will be thinking I have lost my mine which maybe I have and if you find it please return it to a more responsible owner. LOL
I hadn't listened to NKOTB since well 10 or so years ago. My daughter really loved them but they kind of faded out a bit and when I was home over Thanksgiving well she had their new album and I kind of wondered how it didn't get worn out but then I think it is kind of hard to wear out CD's. Well she showed me videos on Youtube and played the album and there were a couple of songs that were good. Well what did I do? I ended up going and buying the album, and now of course it is on my Zune. I was a bit surprised that I liked it so much. Then I realized these guys are in their late 30's and 40. I think its kind of funny, that isn't really the right word but sort of fits, that my daughter loves them so much and when I say well Donnie Wahlberg is hot she is like god mom. Especially since he is about 40 I think. I am wondering if I should remind her of that LOL. Oh well, I guess I had better sign out for now. I have babbled on about strange stuff enough for one night. I was just in one of those moods. Hope you are all well and love you guys. Gonna go listen to my zune and read a chapter in my book. Talk to you guys later.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Here it is the New Year and like everyone I am trying to turn over a new leaf and do everything better than last year. Keep up with everyone and everything however I know I am setting myself up for failure and readily admit it. I do hope that this year will be better. I am working on myself for a change. A few months ago I joined Curves and I do love it. The last couple of weeks I have slacked off but I think that always happens with stuff like this around the holidays. Monday will be back to the workouts. I do feel better when I do it. I like that I can go get it done and get out and get the rest of the stuff I have to do done as well and it does not take hours. Thankfully there is also someone there to keep you motivated. I like the ladies at my curves. I am going to give up some of the junk food I eat. I have been better at staying away from it but it still gets me and I know I can't totally give it up. At least dark chocolate (my favorite) is not that bad for you so I don't even feel slightly guilty for eating it. I am also going to try to drink less coffee and drink more green tea. Won't give my coffee totally up I like it to darn much. I got out a new cross stitch project to start. I want to finish the monopoly board this year though. That is top on my list but I know I have to do that in shifts so to say. I can't work on it continuously or just that. It will burn me out. Maybe this will be the year my life comes a bit more together and I will get some of what I want. Hopefully some things can get mended as well even though in one case I am not even sure what I did or what to do to fix it. Can't seem to get answers either so that one might be hard but we will see. It looks like this is gonna be a year of change. Hopefully all for the good and maybe just maybe I can do some of what I want and have some of what I want.
I hope you all are well and had a safe and happy holiday. I am so glad you guys continue to stop by and see what I might have to say. Love you all.